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Falken Tyres are an affordable high quality tyre. The tyres are designed using the latest Japanese technology and are known for their ultra-high performance. Suitable... [Read more] says...

Falken Euroall Season VAN11 is an excellent choice for drivers of delivery and transport vehicles. Developers working on the project prioritised safety while driving and high resistance to wear. Thanks to the hard work and a very detailed approach to production, the effect was achieved by creating reliable, durable and safe tyres for light goods vehicles.

Falken equipped the Euroall Season VAN11 with an ultra-modern symmetrical tread with a non-directional layout, developed in [Adaptive Constant Pressure] (APC) technology. Based on the advanced simulation, a mirror pattern was created that evenly distributes all the pressure on the tyre-road interface. The non-directional shape improves manoeuvrability, steering precision and improves communication on the steering-wheel line. The increased number of gripping edges ensures constant traction on routes with snow or slush.

The Falken Euroall Season VAN11 model, just like the winter versions, has been developed on the basis of an advanced mixture 4D-Nano Design, which extends the life and increases fuel economy on every kilometre driven. Additionally, it helps to optimise performance on wet surfaces, perfectly harmonizing with the symmetrical tread. The wide circumferential grooves efficiently transport contaminants and liquids lying under the tyre, removing their excess and preventing their spreading on key side zones.

Choose Falken Euroall Season VAN11 if you're looking for tyres:

  • reliable, regardless of the load or route being travelled,

  • versatile, working under all conditions during the year,

  • resistant, modern mix and construction are conducive for a prolonged use,

  • with stable performance, every day and every season,

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