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Falken Tyres are an affordable high quality tyre. The tyres are designed using the latest Japanese technology and are known for their ultra-high performance. Suitable... [Read more] says...

The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Type: winter tyre

Class: medium - full performance and safety at an attractive price

Intended use: passenger cars

Tread: directional - numerous grooves and sipes facilitate winter driving

Sizes: 13” to 20”

Falken Eurowinter HS01 are medium-class winter tyres which perfectly combine good grip and an attractive price. With the use of completely innovative technologies, the model can properly handle even the most extreme winter conditions. The directional tread pattern means problem-free driving on snow, ice or during rain. The combination of grooves with different shapes with a system of sipes (small notches at the whole tread surface) facilitates starting, cornering and also reduces braking distance.

When designing the tyre, the greatest focus was put on ensuring maximum grip in the most challenging road conditions. Good tyres should give you the chance to avoid a bump or another unpleasant event. Compared to previous Eurowinter tyres, this model offers better steering on snowy and wet roads (by 5%) and improved aquaplaning resistance (10%). The high level of safety is only one of many advantages brought by Falken Eurowinter HS01. Apart from that, the tyre ensures a comfortable drive and is 15% more resistant to irregular wear than the previous models (an even distribution of pressure so also the force is exerted on the surface, as well as an improved compound).

Information on the manufacturer: Falken is a Japanese tyre brand owned by Sumitomo. It started in 1983, and two years later was introduced on the American market. Originally, Falken tyres were intended for sporty cars. Currently, they are available almost all over the world and are not only intended for the fastest cars but also for many other vehicles, such as family and urban cars, 4x4 vehicles, etc. One thing remained unchanged though, and that was the sporty spirit. The performance of Falken has been developed for years of their presence at race tracks, e.g., American Le Mans or Formula Drift. Today even you can use the advanced sport technologies used in these Japanese tyres.

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Was going to buy HS449 but they were out of stock, seller show me this Falken HS01, the tyre look great similar to my older Alpine 4, I put them on car on rainy day the are great on wet excelent on dry road, can wait to try them on snow, so far great tyre for excelent price
Bought them this year and I am really impressed by them in the wet. Superb handling and even better aquaplaning. In the snow they are confident as well. Haven't been over the limit yet wit them. Overall I will buy them again.
I am driving mostly on dry roads. Noise is low, grip is good, fuel consumption is about 15% larger than Bridgestone Ecopia. I am usually not pushing it but tyres perform well even if I push it on country road. I had a chance to drive in snow for few km and I was really happy how car handles. Wet grip is also good. Tyres give you confidence to drive relaxed. Only on wet cold slick asphalt tyres do not perform very well, but on the other hand which do? I had Conti winter on previous car and Falken compared to them is almost as good. If you take price into account Falken is definite winner. I will buy them again and I am considering summer set when current summer set wears. They are equally good both on dry and wet roads. I did not have enough driving on snowy road to give real verdict. They are not loud on highway and perform well on 150+ km/h All in all Falken Eurowinter HS01 is great winter tyre. I would highly recommend it.

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195/50 R15 82H

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215/45 R16 90V

E B 72
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215/55 R17 98V

E B 70
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225/60 R17 103V

E B 72
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235/70 R16 109H

E B 72
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245/40 R19 98V

F B 72
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255/40 R19 100V

F B 72
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