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Falken Euroall Season AS200 is a medium-class tyre designed for the every-day drive all over the year. The model is equipped with an asymmetrical tread consisting of two independent sections, which ensures a balanced performance on any type of surface. The wide grooves quickly drain water from the crown ply and prevent aquaplaning. This ensures a confident and safe drive regardless of weather conditions.

Falken Euroall Season AS200 is designed on the basis of a modern compound adapted to variable temperatures. In winter, the tyre guarantees an appropriate flexibility that ensures a larger area of contact between the tyre and the road, thus improving the grip. In summer, it maintains a proper grip and takes care that the tread does not wear out too fast. All this makes Falken Euroall Season AS200 a good solution for an everyday drive no matter the season. With the use of the Japanese production technologies, the tyre is silent and cost-efficient. Falken Euroall Season AS200 has the M+S marking and the snowflake symbol which prove that it is an all-season tyre adapted to winter conditions. The engineers who designed the model cared for the even distribution of pressures, so the tread wears out evenly. This makes it possible to make full use of the performance of Falken Euroall Season AS200 throughout its life, regardless of mileage. The model is a perfect solution for drivers who expect their all-year tyres to be durable and reliable in any weather conditions.

Falken is a Japanese brand owned by Sumitomo. Their tyres are rated as medium-class products, as their feature the best value for money ratio and a balanced performance on any type of surface. Falken tyres are trusted by car manufacturers as they were used as the original equipment on vehicles by Suzuki, Subaru or Daihatsu.

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EURO AS200 Reviews

Had for 3 years now, done 4 trips to the Alps on 2 different cars. Did keep just for the winter season and skiing trips however, this year kept on over the summer too. Had planned to "drive them out" and buy some new ones however, 8k of driving over the summer months and only 1mm loss of tread so guess they will do another winter. Great in the snow, since I've had them haven't need the snow chains and this has involved some pretty scary mountain roads in a couple of inches of snow. Good in the summer too, quiet and confident. In reality, have got rid of a set of part worn summer tyres and will replace with AS200 when they finally need replacing. Best bit of these tyres is when it snows in the UK and you can drive past people struggling with summer tyres!
CompareTyres User 2019
December 2017 heavy snowfall 7" in Worcestershire, the Falken AS200 were terrific, they sailed over deep snow, slush, and sheet ice. I drove in a heavy snowstorm for 200 miles with no problems. They are fitted to a Subaru Forester and together they seemed unbeatable, iced hill starts, deep snow, slush just driven over without hardly a wheel spin. My previous Subaru Outback was fitted with the same tyres and I drove to Italy in the July heat without excessive wear and good handling on the mountain passes. Brian Woodhouse.
CompareTyres User 2019
Good compromise between price and performance. They lasted 2 year and 32000 miles. Very good aquaplanning resistance. I hardly noticed any difference of behaviour between very cold and hot conditions. On the third winter perhaps some grip may be lost. I tryed them only once in light snow and they performed very safely . I would reccomend these tyres if a particular performance is not needed.

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