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Falken Tyres are an affordable high quality tyre. The tyres are designed using the latest Japanese technology and are known for their ultra-high performance. Suitable... says...
  • Performance tyre designed for SUV’s.
  • Three wide grooves deflect water to increase aquaplaning resistance.
  • Integrated offset sipes disperse water more effectively leading to improved wet handling.
  • Higher stiffness of outer walls boosts stability when cornering.
  • Shorter braking distance.
  • Greater stability at higher speeds.
  • Alternating phase-shifted tread blocks cut noise levels.
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Azenis FK453CC Reviews

Fuel economy took a significant hit with the Fk453cc tyres ...
CompareTyres User 2019
Replaced the rock hard Bridgestone Dueler OEM tyres with these. Much softer ride which is what I was looking for, nice a pleasant on smooth roads but harsh over uneven and bumpy roads. Wearing pretty fast and overall a very average tyre.
CompareTyres User 2019
Fuel economy took a significant hit with the Fk453cc tyres ...

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