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Falken FK 452 summer middle class tyre is designed for cars of high-speed, high-capacity and high engine power. The model belongs to the segment of UHP (Ultra High Performance). This allows for a true sports car excitement every day. Falken FK 452 also provides good traction control on all surfaces, especially on wet roads. The tyre has a visually attractive tread pattern, and that is why it is popular with tuning enthusiasts.

Falken FK 452 is designed for a demanding rider, who wants safe, but also fast sporty ride. It has been designed with the use of latest technologies. It interacts perfectly with electronic safety systems such as ESP and ABS. Falken FK 452 was created with high quality material, ‘New Silica’. The compound is resistant to wear and high temperature. It provides long mileage and better traction.

The entire structure is reinforced with internal steel belts. The model features a directional tread pattern, which consists of five-line system of ribs. The engineers of Falken used a flat profile with slightly rounded edges, which has provided a very large area of the tyre footprint. It contributes to even tread wear, reduces rolling resistance and significantly improves adhesion.

Directional grooves remove water from the centre of the tyre to the sides, so that nothing interferes in contact of the tyre with the road. Even at high speeds, the tread design of Falken FK 452 ensures smooth and comfortable driving. Low noise level is guaranteed by a special combination of blocks, which means higher driving comfort.

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Azenis FK452 Reviews

Really good tyre in the dry but unpredictable in the wet. Good wear & comfortable for a low profile tyre!
CompareTyres User 2019
These came on my M3. I've not had Falkens for a long time but here it goes. Pros? -They are reasonable in price -Drifters will like you ; it's a known brand in those circles -Dry grip is actually pretty good Cons? -Wet braking is bad on these! I on occasions did say a silent prayer if someone brake suddenly in front of me in the wet! -The wear was strange ; they wore the shoulders first, despite the tyre pressures and toe being fine. The Michelin PS4S that have replaced them have been fine.
CompareTyres User 2019
Wow. Got these for my first tuner Genesis. Loved them since day one. their performance and grip kept exceeded my retarded driving for which im still alive to write this review haha. Fit my budget too so 100% would recommend if you have restricted budget but want performance tires :)

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