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I have a couple of Evergreen ES82 in my Hyundai Santa Fe. They came with the car when I bought it (used car). I would have never bought cheap tires because I've always thought it can be dangerous, but after 18 months driving with them, I am very surprised with the performance. I definitely changed my mind. I moved from FL to CO last year without any issue. They performs well in snow, very well in raining condition, and the noise is acceptable in HW. The car came with a couple of Duelers (noisy tire), which I already replaced with 2 Yokos YK580. After a year (and more than $500 spent in 2 tires), the Yokos are already worn and need replacement. I already opened a Claim with Yoko, but if they refuse to replace my tires for free, I would gladly by another 2 Evergreen ES82 (they still have tread for ~10K more miles). I did not notice any difference in performance between the Yokos and the Evergreen. Good tires for a good price.

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