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I had these tyres put on to replace some Michelin Energy Saver + and I find it hard to see how dropping one notch on rolling resistance can lead to my mpg going from 57 to 52. I think the labelling is wrong for Event futurum.
CompareTyres User 2019
I've been driving on these tyres for over a year on my mk 5 fiesta. Through all sorts of weather and Roads around the Country, if you keep the pressure correct they behave realy well, Great in the rain at 60-70 mph.
CompareTyres User 2019
All I want from a tyre is something legal, conforms to current standards and will give resonable performance. I have replaced the original Goodyears on my Merc from new, as and when necessary with budget tyres. I have never noticed any appreciable drop in performance, road holding wet or dry or increase in noise levels. Most tyres these days are from China, Goodyear Poland. I drive according to road conditions, hard and fast when the time is right. Ok, the tyre might not last as long as a premium tyre but unless your driving 15000 - 20000 miles a year or more, why waste money. I don't change my cars that often, but if you do, what the hell.

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