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Dunlop SP Sport 9000 tyres

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Dunlop Tyres are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mid to high performance tyres with an impressive track record of motor sport successes. Dunlop’s... says...

  • Hydroplaning resistance capabilities in standing water.
  • Innovative tread and compound blend improves performance .
SP Sport 9000 is a special high performance symmetric summer tyre. It is specifically used in all-terrain conditions as well as for high speed tarmac use. It is designed with cutting-edge technology to offer a better steering response. An innovative directional tread pattern design ensures high hydroplaning resistance which also maximizes all-round performance. The silica tread pattern provides amazing wet traction and improved rolling resistance.

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SP Sport 9000 Reviews

These are fitted to my Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 on the front wheels , I drive a 50/50 mix of motorway and B roads generally, with a varied driving style - steady to get to work and pushing on to get back Home! They were a good price £54 each fitted for a quality brand with excellent ratings I had high hopes. Braking , handling and acceleration were the best I had experienced in my current car in the dry , they perform very well in the wet too, real confidence in braking. I would think that they are the best performance style tyres in the size available, I like the look of the tyres , the brand and the noise is comparable to my previous bridgestone turanzas. I had these on the front for around 4000 miles when I swapped them to the rear, they seemed to wear quite quickly on the front which was a shame so I switched them to the rear, they currently have around 15000 on them with 4/5mm remaining. Bridgestone turanza lasted 40000m from new on the rear. So I think the wear is a little high, however if you demand max performance or cover slightly less mileage I would strongly recommend these tyres, as I do higher mileage now my may try something else with fuel saving claims / longer life.
CompareTyres user 2023
I tried these tyres thinking they would be great as they were the most expensive in the size im restricted too, for daily driveing they were ok but when pushed they would let go pretty quickly and the wear rate was pretty poor. I used them on the front of my turbo mx5 drift car that i also daily, on the road and pottering about they were go but once on the track and started pushing they were really bad, iv used alot of other tyres that were far cheaper and far superior, they would loose grip with little warning and would wear quickly but in chucks of tyre, most tyres wear evenly as they scrub up but these fell apart, wasnt impressed, i know i pushed them hard but they juat didnt hold up to their reputation.
CompareTyres user 2023
I don't know what's wrong with the people who slate these tyres unless they've bought Chinese fakes. These tyres have been awesome in the dry and wet on my little 4x4 but they are crap in the snow. Drag racing on an airfield at over 100mph though a standing car sized puddle and not even the slightest hint of aquaplaning. Tyres were a lot newer then though. It's just a shame they've stopped making them in my size. I've never reached the limit of these tyres as the speed required would probably have killed me if it went wrong.
CompareTyres user 2023

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