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The Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 is a winter tyre designed to give you confidence on the road during the winter months - especially when braking.

Achieving strong grip on snow covered roads is possible with the SP Winter Response 2 thanks to the tyre's 45 degree shoulder sipes which 'bite' into the snow.

The tyre's innovative Reverse Snowguide tread pattern increases the contact area of the tyre, providing extra grip when braking.

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Winter Response 2 Reviews

I wanted a winter tyre with good snow properties and low rolling resistance. It's hard to find something which matches your expectations, but fortunately that's what I got. I bought them because I wanted Dunlop tyres for the car's OEM Dunlop steel rims, and the tread design looked strange for me, so I wanted to give them a shot despite the controversial test results (good in 185/60, bad in 195/65, so buying 185/65 was nothing but a gamble). The test results said that wet grip is where you might be let down, but I think my set is good enough in rainy conditions. Dry grip is good as well, but I believe these properties could have been a bit better. That said, the dry and wet grip levels are still much higher than what I would call unsafe. However when it comes to snow and ice, the Winter Response 2 starts to shine like a diamond. When the white stuff came, I had to act like a yobbo to get them misbehave. The rolling resistance seems to be worse than the 195/60 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (my summer set, read my review of them), but only a tiny bit. But at least I got more road feedback, which is good when the conditions are tricky. Yes, the ride is a bit harsher as well, but it's a price I can live with. One other thing: these tyres are very sensitive to tyre pressure. According to my experience in this size 5°C change in ambient tmeperature means 0.1 bar change in tyre pressure, so if you set your tyres to 2.5 bars in 0°C to get the best out of them in snow, it becomes 2.7 bars in 10°C. Combine the pressure increase with the out-of-comfort-zone temps, and you will get a car with much less traction. This might happen with other winter tyres as well, so I don't really blame my Dunlops, but more experiments are needed to be more accurate on this. Overall, I have to say these are not the best all-rounder winter tyres out there, but if you want excellent snow and ice performance, it's a very good choice. For continental Europe I believe the Goodyear UltraGrip 9 or the Nokian WR D4 should be better because of their better all-round performance, but if you can get the Winter Response 2 for a good price, you shouldn't be disappointed.
CompareTyres User 2019
Great tyres.
CompareTyres User 2019
Bought these tyres especially for their wet grip performance, which according to several tests is about as good as the grip of Continental ts850 or Goodyear Ultragrip9. Snow performance also seems to be great but the Dutch winters are pretty mild so we hardly get any snow. Driving in wet conditions I have to conclude these tyres are outstanding; very good grip and they feel very 'planted'. Compared to winter response 1 which I had before I feel the wet grip is better. Compared to my summer tyres (michelin energy saver +) these tyres offer (much) better grip in the rain/ on wet roads and for sure when there would be any snow or ice the winter tyres would offer much much better grip. When the temperature goes down I will anyway benefit from the Dunlop winter tyres, whether we get snow or not. On the dry these tyres perform about the same as the summer tyres, with less understeer. On the wet they offer better grip and the handling is truly excellent. The rolling resistance is low and so far I don't notice any difference in fuel economy with my summer tyres, which is great. Very much recommended!

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