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Dunlop Tyres are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mid to high performance tyres with an impressive track record of motor sport successes. Dunlop’s... [Read more] says...
  • Excellent steering.
  • Top class breaking effect.
  • Quiet and smooth ride.
The Grandtrek AT20 is Dunlop's Highway All-Season light truck tyre that was developed for pickups and sport utility vehicles. The Grandtrek AT20 was designed to offer the driver low noise levels, a comfortable ride, and year-round traction, even in light snow.

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These tyres came as original equipment on my Shogun SWB. In most respects the tyres are unremarkable. However, they stand out from the crowd in two ways. Firstly they don't appear to be wearing out. Even after 35k miles they have not worn significantly. Secondly they are absolutely lethal on a slippery road or field. Having done 35k miles a year since 1986 without a problem, I now find that I have near misses on a weekly basis. In a wet field my wife's crossover will literally drive rings round me while I struggle to even move along on the flat. There is probably a reason why they don't wear out, perhaps they are just too hard. Do I sound cross? Good because I am.
Car became very 'twitchy' at highway speed in wet conditions. OK in other conditions. i need something better and will spend the money even though these have tens of thousands of klms left on them.
Came fitted on my Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The worst and most dangerous tires I have ever driven. Slippery on dry and deadly on wet. If you corner on a wet road with this tires you have to be so careful as even in slow speed the car will slide and you have to perform corrections to avoid dangerous situations. Also the breaking is too long, in dry and wet. I'm happy I got rid of them finally. Would never recommend to anyone buying this tires.

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