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If you need a sustainable and safe supply of tyres for your van, then the Dębica Presto LT is the optimal choice for you. This tyre was designed for intensive and long-term use, because its creation involves an innovative rubber compound. Thanks to its special components, this model is resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage and abrasions.

The appropriate mix of flexibility makes the Dębica Presto LT provide good adhesion in different temperatures. The ingredients that were used to build tyres are lightweight, so rolling resistance is reduced. This results in lower fuel consumption and, therefore, a more environmentally friendly operation and greater cost savings for the driver.

Dębica Presto LT is equipped with a symmetrical tread pattern, which is often used by manufacturers of truck tyres. It provides a balanced performance on dry and wet surfaces. Wide circumferential grooves and notches efficiently disperse water and mud on the outside of the tyre. As a result, it decreases the risk of loss of adhesion and the prospect of dangerous aquaplaning.

Engineers working on the tyre have also ensured the even distribution of pressure acting on the tread. The result of this provides uniform and even wear, so one can enjoy the full performance of the Dębica Presto LT throughout its lifetime without fear of deterioration in performance and a decrease in driving safety.

Dębica currently belongs to one of the world leaders in the tyre industry - Goodyear. The factory of Dębica is the largest Goodyear production facility in Europe.

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