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Dębica Presto HP is a high performance version of the popular Dębica Presto tyre. It is engineered for high-powered sports vehicles and comes with a modern sporty look and feel. It is suitable for driving during the summer months. It embodies modern technological advancements and provides reliable driving and superior handling on wet or dry roads.

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Fitted thes to 3.0 BMW Z4 in place of the original Bridgestone RFT (Runflats) - as yet I have not driven the Debica tyres as hard as the Bridgestones (yet!) but I can definitely guarantee that if you make the swop you will be amazed at the difference in roadfeel and the precision that has appeared in the steering - the Z4 now feels nimble and far less scary on wet, cambered, roads. Previously I was having to fight the steering when anywhere near wet, white lines and a long journey was very tiring due to the concentration required. Now the car is a joy to use. N.B. I also have Debica Frigo HP winter tyres fitted to my everyday car - Do not be put off by the unknown name - these tyres are world class.

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