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Cooper Tire (American spelling of tyre is 'tire') is the 10th largest tyre manufacturer in the world and has more than a century’s experience at...
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Zeon CS6 Reviews

Shocking tyre to the extent that I bought a car with 4 of these on which are nearly new. I'm having them removed in favour of Goodyear F1's. Why you ask? Predominantly the noise, these are the loudest tyres I've had the misfortune or owning, even on freshly laid Tarmac they are appalling. Secondly I'd class them as dangerous, wet grip is virtually non existent and even in the dry they are skittish for no apparent reason. Since looking around it seems these tyres get bad press, I can't say I'm surprised!
CompareTyres User 2019
Found this review whilst looking for replacement tyres. A summer shower on M45 Coventry had me Aquaplaning almost off the road and going way less than speed limit. Summer grip is fine. Road noise is dependent on surface. Unlikely to buy these again.
CompareTyres User 2019
Not very impressed with these. Dry grip is average, the seem to skate across the road rather than biting in and gripping. Wet grip is bad, and even on modestly powered car they are easy to spin when pulling away and the car understeers easily on wet roundabouts. They tyre constructiion is quite hard and they transmit all of the minor road imperfections to the car. The best things I can say are that they are not too noisy, and the hard compound means they last for ages. This is unfortunate as I cannot wait to replace them with something better.

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