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Cooper Tire (American spelling of tyre is 'tire') is the 10th largest tyre manufacturer in the world and has more than a century’s experience at...
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Zeon 4XS Sport Reviews

Briliant tyers no problems at all. ..defenetli i will buy it again. ..briliant on the rain and super low noise..
CompareTyres User 2019
Please don't buy this brand. They are the worst tyres that I've buyed ever. I drove my car for 1000 miles and I've change the tyres with another brand. Afrer fitting, my car starts vibrating at low speed and high speed. I left it in my dealer service for 9 days. They try to balance and rebalance the wheels many times. The car still vibrating. So after 9 days of checkings i change the tyres. Just don't buy this brand.
CompareTyres User 2019
I liked the idea of investing in British tyres and had read some reviews of Cooper and it was generally positive. I have found the dry grip to be good. Noticed this when driving down a hill in Bodmin area and had to brake suddenly and the car just stopped dead in its tracks with no skidding. In the wet I have noticed that the grip is also good and I have no qualms. I currently have a near sixty mile round commute every day through rural A-roads that twist and turn and constantly at the national speed limit. These tyres went on in July its now December and for these tyres which I have on the front, it's down to about 4mm on the outside with about 5mm on the middle and inside. Here comes the reason why I won't buy these again - the road noise is unbearable!!!! It is so loud and I am not exaggerating. Between 40-60 it's at its loudest it peaks at 55 and quietens off after 60, but even then still noisy. It is this loud droning noise and it's just frustrating that I've decided to cut my losses and perhaps go back to Continental. An almost excellent tyre but the very loud road noise just spoils it. I don't normally write reviews but felt like I had to on this one.

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