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Cooper Tire (American spelling of tyre is 'tire') is the 10th largest tyre manufacturer in the world and has more than a century’s experience at...

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Zeon 4XS Reviews

This is one of the least known tyres for SUVs in the UK because Cooper do not advertise in Europe. They are effectively the same as Cooper's best tyre CS6, which is also designed in the UK. Same tread patterns, same material but bigger in sizes. The Porsche garage told me to get these instead of Dunlops or Bridgestones if I want excellent performance in the wet. I didn't want to write this review for a while because it will make their prices rocket if everyone starts buying them. My Cayenne Turbo beats the X5Ms and X6Ms off the lights in the wet every time! Not quiet as good traction compared to the Mercedes ML63s with their Continentals tho. I don't know how good their construction is tho. That is unknown to me.
CompareTyres user 2023
Tires changed 1500 kms ago. So far, they have not suffered premature wear or signs of deformity. Very quiet. Fantastic dry grip. In wet weather I have not been disappointed. My driving style is rather quiet.
CompareTyres user 2023
Tried Cooper and will buy again. Wear rate is brill. Have used in the past Pirelli, Continental,Toyo and Michelin. Cooper is half the price of Michelin for similar performance and use. Only changing tyres early as down to 2.5mm and it's the rainy winter season.
CompareTyres user 2023