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Cooper Tire (American spelling of tyre is 'tire') is the 10th largest tyre manufacturer in the world and has more than a century’s experience at... says...

Cooper Discoverer A/T 3 is a medium-class summer tyre created for 4-wheel drive cars. The model is ideal both for demanding off-road trips and for everyday urban routes. The tyre has a symmetric tread pattern, which is popular for off-road tyres because of its properties. Robust tread blocks provide excellent traction on water, mud and other extreme surfaces, while wide grooves efficiently evacuate water from front of the tyres and ensure fast drying of the tread. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and maintains safety and driving comfort regardless of the weather.

The tyre is based on a modern rubber compound whose main advantage is over a wide range of temperatures. The tyre structure maintains its stiffness even during high-speed and dynamic drives, to prevent deformation of the profile and ensure high travelling comfort. The engineers who designed the tyre also took care to distribute forces that act on the surface of this model optimally. As a result, the tread of Cooper Discoverer A/T 3 wears slowly and uniformly, allowing you to enjoy full performance parameters of the tyre throughout its lifespan. This model is a good solution for all drivers who want their summer tyres to be reliable regardless of the weather, durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Cooper is one of the most popular American brands of tyres. The company specialises in medium-class tyres, focusing on providing products with the best value for money. Almost a century of experience in tyre production makes Cooper a supplier of products that ensure balanced performance on all types of roads and driving comfort. Modern materials and innovative production solutions make tyres of this brand popular and appreciated by drivers worldwide.

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Discoverer AT3 Reviews

Hi,after the two previous sets of coopers at they were very quiet on my older model toyota and 1999 pajero,but now at 62,000 and will know doubt do 90,000 plus, on my 2011 monocoque pajero diesel they now since being recently rotatated,balanced and wheel aligned which i do every 10,000 any way now sound like full winter treads on the pajero,so noisy you would think you had the wrong set of tyres put back on your vehicle.
CompareTyres User 2019
When bought I saw no rim protecting was there, but many haven't. As long as quite new, all OK. Good grip on rocks, trails, mud and snow. When some 4mm left, you start to feel the road's inclinations, etc. When they are at the advised tyre pressure, they still look and feel like far too soft. Now 117,000 kms done and that's great. Two of the four need replacement. Only if they are competitive in price I would buy them again.
CompareTyres User 2019
I see all of this feedback relating to the tires in SoAfrica, but I live here in the US - New England. These tires rock in the winter. We had 9+ feet (3 meters) of snow in one month that I ran these tires, and I didn''t need to shovel in to my pickup to my home. Only tire I've had that was better here was Armstrong's Tru Trac. Unfortunately, Perelli bought them and discontinued the beast.

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