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Swapped back to 16" 205/55R16 Continental WinterContact TS830s, from the 17" 225/45R17 Bridgestone Potenzas S001s I run in the summer. Now the temperature is consistently below 7 degrees C, and often wet, at morning & evening commute times, these Conti's really live up to the reputation they have earned in the independent tests. They feel noticeably more secure on cold damp roads than the wider summer Potenzas, and the taller side-wall of the 16" helps helps with the winter pot holes. Conti's own test video suggests a 7m shorter stopping distance in the wet over an equivilent Conti summer tyre. Snow, slush and resulting standing water all taken in the tyres' stride which is incredibly reassuring. Given that the Potenza is clearly a "focused" performance tyre, the narrower softer compound winter Conti could be forgiven for feelin "woolly" in comparison... ....but it doesn't at these temperatures. Highly suited to the Audi A3 in southern UK winter temperatures/conditions. I believe the TS830 has now been superseded by the TS830P and TS850, both of which continue to top independent tests. Swapping to smaller 16" rubber November to March also saves tread wear on the more expensive 17" summer tyres!
CompareTyres User 2019
Had these tires fitted for just over 1k Miles, I do a 100 mile a day commute mostly A road and motorway at high speeds. As soon as the roads begin to get a little moist I have to slow it right down on vends and roundabouts with my Factory fitted Goodyear runflats. I purchased a new set of Alloys and these tires for a great price as the weather has just started to turn. All I can say is, what a difference to the car, it’s almost as easy to drive the car on the motorway in a storm as it is in the sunshine. The car is stable giving lots of feeling and basically moves the standing water out of the way, it is amazing. The car sticks on roundabouts etc, really really gives me so much confidence, which I never had before with the big Beemer. In the dry when the temps is over 10 degrees ( I have put them on slightly early) the car feels slightly wobbly and less firm, as these are not runflats and are obviously softer. I can forgive this for the amount of confidence I get in the bad weather. Actually hope it rains and freezes now when I wake up just to be amazed yet again. Just as a suggestion, UK drivers, wether you choose these tires or not or are considering winter tires. Don’t delay get them fitted they will literally transform your bad weather driving experience for the better.
CompareTyres User 2019
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