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The Germans are famous for their engineering and Continental are famed for their quality. They might be softer than other tyre makes but they are... says...

Continental VancoFourSeason is a premium (high quality) all-season tyre. VancoFourSeason is a Continental tyre with a very long service life. This is an all-season tyre with its tread adapted both to summer and winter conditions. The shape of the tyre ensures efficient evacuation of water and safe operation in mud and thin layers of snow. Thanks to the special rubber compound, the tread does not lose its properties even at low temperatures.

Continental VancoFourSeason offers universal features. It provides durability suitable for trucks and the comfort of a passenger car. Along with this, it works well in all conditions. Compared to the older series of Continental tyres, VancoFourSeason ensures a 20% long tread service life longer. This was achieved by the use of a flat belt. Continental VancoFourSeason tyre has a wide contact surface, making the tread wear process very slow and even. Continental VancoFourSeason also provides excellent grip manoeuvrability. The tread blocks have zig-zag-shaped sipe notches which guarantee adequate traction on snow and mud, and lateral and perpendicular grooves that efficiently evacuate water and mud ensure safety on wet roads. The irregular edges of the tread blocks help the tread to clean itself independently. The tread design effectively reduces aquaplaning. The tyre is made of a modern rubber compound with high resistance to low temperatures and combined with the internal steel belt, it makes the tyre very strong. These solutions enable Continental VancoFourSeason to withstand heavy loads. A reinforcement strip was used to protect the sides of the tyre against mechanical damage and an intermittent groove pattern in the tread reduces noise and humming generated when rolling. Continental VancoFourSeason provides high acoustic comfort.

Continental VancoFourSeason is an all-season tyre. It is designed for light commercial vehicles and minibuses. Its lower noise and vibration ensure a comfortable journey and is quite suitable for passenger transport. The high durability of the tyre enables the user to carry heavy loads.

Manufacturer Info: Continental was the first manufacturer in history to conduct a professional winter tyre test. In 1953, the test cars fitted with the first winter tyres of this brand reached the altitude of 2112m on the alpine St Gotthard Pass. The company owns other brands, including Semperit, Barum, General Tire, Uniroyal and Viking. The company was founded in 1871. Initially, along with tyres for cars and bicycles, it produced waterproof fabrics, shoes, balls and toys.

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