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The Germans are famous for their engineering and Continental are famed for their quality. They might be softer than other tyre makes but they are... says...

Continental ContiVanContact 200 is a summer tyre for vans which offers a safe and comfortable drive in all weather conditions. This model has a symmetric tread pattern which efficiently evacuates water and ensures a good grip on dry and wet surfaces. The system of lamellae located in the central part of the tread quickly disperses liquid from underneath the tyre face, supported by grooves located in the blocks of the Continental ContiVanContact 200. All this decreases the risk of aquaplaning which can compromise the safety of your drive. Micro-blocks located in the central part of the tread ensure smooth and stable drive with the full load.

The tyre is based on a rubber mix enriched with silica compounds, which maintains proper stiffness regardless of the temperature. In addition, they help to decrease rolling resistance which translates into reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, the tyre is not only ecological but also economical in operation. Uniform distribution of forces acting on the Continental ContiVanContact 200 ensures that the tyre tread wears slowly and evenly. This ensures excellent parameters of the tyre, allowing you to enjoy maximum performance throughout its operational life. Continental ContiVanContact 200 meets the requirements of van drivers who expect reliable tyres with extended life.

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Continental is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The company owns other brands, including Barum, Semperit, General Tire, Uniroyal and Viking. The company produces premium tyres that ensure excellent performance in any kind of weather, high quality and comfort of use. From the very beginning, the company has invested in tyre development and has expanded its offer. Currently, the company owns 22 production plants worldwide.

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