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Continental VancoContact 2 tyres

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The Germans are famous for their engineering and Continental are famed for their quality. They might be softer than other tyre makes but they are... says...

Type: summer tyre.

Class: premium - modern technology, the highest level of performance.

Intended use: commercial vehicles, vans.

Tread: symmetrical - the most popular solution for delivery tyres.

Commercial vehicles require heavy duty tyres, stronger than models for ordinary passenger cars. Therefore, Continental VancoContact 2 was created to meet the needs of commercial vehicles and vans.

For many years Continental has been recognized as a top tyre manufacturer, highly appreciated by drivers and organisers of tyre tests that awarded the brand with many top marks. Continental VancoContact 2 is a tyre designed specifically for cars with a high centre of gravity that carry heavy loads on a daily basis. It is, first of all, an excellent summer tyre with a homogeneous profile and double ribbing. This design offers you full control and comfortable driving. It's no wonder that many drivers of commercial vehicles choose this tyre.

Another important feature is the fact that Continental VancoContact 2 may be installed on multi-task vehicles. They are ideal not only for small delivery vans, but also for regular utility vans that work everyday as delivery vehicles and on weekends as a family car.

What are the features of the tyre? First of all, it is a tyre with improved grip when braking on dry surfaces. However, on slippery roads after rain, its braking distance is also short. Properly designed incisions and grooves in the tread help the tyre to perform well in difficult weather conditions. Continental VancoContact 2 is considered as a tyre with a very high resistance to skidding, which is provided by its circumferential drainage system and lateral grooves that quickly dries the central part of the tread, eliminating the risk of aquaplaning.

The rigid shoulder of the Continental VancoContact 2 improves its stability and grip even when cornering. Improved durability enables the vehicle to transport heavy loads, which do not cause any damage. This make the tyre safe for drivers and vehicles that carry large loads. Robust and rigid structure also helps to reduce wear of the tread, enabling the user to travel thousands of kilometres without any problems.

Manufacturer Info: Continental, which is the manufacturer of this tyre, is a German company considered as one of the largest and most innovative companies in the automotive industry. The production of tyres is the most important area of company's operation, but it also has another division (ConiTech), which is involved in designing and manufacturing other automotive parts. Continental means the highest quality workmanship and excellent performance.

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