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The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Type: winter tyre.

Class: premium - the best performance and top manufacturing quality.

Intended use: passenger cars of medium and high class.

Tread: asymmetrical pattern - inner and outer side of the tyre differ. This solution provides the tyre with versatile driving parameters.

Sizes: from 15 to 19 inches.

Continental ContiWinterContact TS790 is a premium winter tyre. This model is made of the latest silicone compound that ensures tyre flexibility even in very cold winter temperatures. This material guarantees also long mileage. The product has an original, asymmetric tread, which ensures its versatile performance. It enables the tyre to adapt its properties to the conditions of the road. The tread blocks on one side of the tyre are arranged directionally. This solution provides excellent performance on wet surfaces. Therefore, the tyre offers high resistance to aquaplaning. In addition to the specific tread blocks on the surface of the tyre, the model also has wide perimeter channels and differently shaped lateral grooves. They are one of the most important elements of the tyre, as they provide fast and efficient evacuation of water and slush. Without this, driving in typical winter conditions would not be so safe and comfortable. Moreover, these grooves have profiled walls, which prevent water turbulence.

Continental ContiWinterContact TS790 also offers decent performance on slippery ice-covered surfaces. Special incisions of different shapes, arranged across the entire surface of the tyre perfectly cooperate with each other and make the tyre 'grip' the ground, guaranteeing very good traction. In addition, the sharp edges of the tread make the tyre perform excellently during acceleration and starting, and ensure short braking distances. The tyre also operates quite well on the bends. Additionally, the manufacturer took care of proper manoeuvrability and good traction. For this purpose, the tyre is fitted with a massive rib. Caution! The Continental ContiWinterContact TS790 should not be used on the same axle as the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 790 V.

Manufacturer Info:Continental is one of the largest tyre suppliers in the world, providing customers with premium tyres. Continental also manages other tyre companies as Semperit, Barum and Uniroyal.

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I have driven almost 40000kms on them and still have 6mm of tread. Wet grip is very good as well as the ride comfort. The snow performance is not the best but for winter with not very much snow it is ok.
CompareTyres User 2019
bought these for our citygo for the winter, and they are doing very well indeed. The snow has not impeded the trip to work at all, no drama, just good grip in all UK winter weather so far. totally recommended.
CompareTyres User 2019
I have driven almost 40000kms on them and still have 6mm of tread. Wet grip is very good as well as the ride comfort. The snow performance is not the best but for winter with not very much snow it is ok.

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