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Your tyre: Continental ContiSportContact 2 275/35 R20 102ZR

  • Established for 25+ years
  • Free balancing, disposal, valves

About ContiSportContact 2

Width: 275

Profile: 35

Rim Size: R20

Speed Rating: ZR

Load Index: 102

Fuel Efficiency: E

Wet Grip: B

Noise Level: 74 says...

  • Excellent handling in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Superb braking performance.
  • Outstanding traction.
  • Boasts good levels of comfort and low levels of road noise.
As predecessor to the SportContact3, the ContiSportContact 2 has excellent braking and cornering safety, ultra-precise steering response and outstanding traction on wet and dry surfaces.

Continental ContiSportContact 2