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Type: summer tyre.

Tread:symmetrical pattern - guarantees balanced performance on any type of surface.

Class:premium - ensures maximum performance, high quality workmanship and safe operation.

Intended use: passenger cars of medium class.

Sizes: from 13 to 15 inches.

Continental ContiEcoContact EP is a summer tyre for typical urban mid-range cars. The tyre tread was designed using state-of-the-art technology, which helped to achieve better performance both on dry and wet surfaces.

The Flat Belt Concept helps to increase the contact area between the tyre and the roadway, which translates into less vibration and noise. Thanks to this, the driver and passengers can enjoy a more comfortable and quiet journey, regardless of the weather and road type. This noise reduction is also supported by innovative tread pattern and properly profiled grooves (transverse and longitudinal) arranged on the tyre shoulder.

The tyre is based on a rubber blend with technologically advanced silica compounds. Its lower weight helps to reduce rolling resistance, which results in lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2emissions. This model saves up to 5% in fuel costs, which is significant for all drivers who want to enjoy ecological and economical driving. The appropriate tread design and modern tyre components reduce braking distance by 6%, which makes driving with Continental ContiEcoContact EP a safe and stable experience. The tyre has achieved high notes in seasonal tyre tests. Auto Bild magazine rated it "excellent", while ADAC Motorwelt gave it first place and awarded it with "highly recommended" title.

Manufacturer Info: Continental is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The company produces premium tyres with top-quality workmanship, excellent performance on a variety of surfaces and extended service life. The high quality of Continental is confirmed by the fact that they are used by many car manufacturers as original equipment of their cars (including BMW, Ford, Porsche). The company owns other brands, including Semperit, Uniroyal, Viking, General Tire and Barum. The company was established in 1871.

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