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The Germans are famous for their engineering and Continental are famed for their quality. They might be softer than other tyre makes but they are... says...

Type: summer tyre

Class: premium – the highest quality and maximum performance.

Intended use: designed for 4WD cars

Tread: symmetrical pattern - ensures balanced performance on any type of surface.

Sizes: from 15 to 18 inches

Continental ContiCrossContact AT is a tyre designed to meet the requirements of 4WD car drivers. This model has been reinforced to cope with extreme and unpredictable off-road conditions. The tyre has a symmetrical tread whose large and solid blocks 'grip' the ground, providing adequate grip and safety.

Water is quickly and efficiently removed from the front of the tyre by irregular grooves and many incisions on the tread surface. They efficiently dry the tread and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. As a result, driving safety and stability are maintained regardless of the weather. The tyre's profile ensures that mud and grass are quickly cast away. The model is based on a silica rubber blend that provides excellent grip on wet and slippery roads. The tyre’s strong shoulders ensure precise control and fast communication between the steering wheel and tyre. Engineers have also taken care of acoustic comfort for the driver and passengers. Rolling noise is quickly suppressed and travelling becomes quiet and comfortable. Forces acting on Continental ContiCrossContact AT are evenly distributed, which allows for increased mileage and ensures even tread wear. Therefore, you can benefit from the tyre's maximum parameters throughout its service life. Continental ContiCrossContact AT is the perfect solution for drivers who are looking for durable and reliable tyres.

Manufacturer info: Continental is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The company supplies premium tyres that ensure high quality, excellent parameters and comfort of use. This German company owns other brands, including Barum, Uniroyal, General Tire, Viking and Semperit.

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ContiCrossContact AT Reviews

Cannot understand some of the reviews for the Cross Contact AT. These tyres are an excellent all round performer. They are less than half worn at 24,000 miles so I am looking to get around 50k+ out of them. They perform wet or dry are capable off road and have an acceptable noise level on a defender which is not exactly quiet anyway. My usage is 70% county roads 25% "A" roads or motorways and 5% off road. For any tyre to have to handle all of the above summer and winter is a big ask and this tyre is very good.
CompareTyres user 2023
Good all round tyre that wears very well,off road they are average,on road very good.
CompareTyres user 2023
THe tyres are comfortable and quite. They handle pretty good on tar and on gravel, but the wear is not good at all. After 14,000km i note some concerning wear on the tyres with bits coming off. For an off road tyre, well I would not buy them again. They have super thin sidewalls and are more expensive than some other tyres which are better suited in this area. I would say these tyres are 70:30 geared towards tar. To be honest I am disappointed.
CompareTyres user 2023