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Bridgestone Potenza S02

225/40 R18 88Y

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About Bridgestone Potenza S02

Width: 225

Profile: 40

Rim Size: R18

Speed Rating: Y

Load Index: 88

Fuel Efficiency: G

Wet Grip: C

Noise Level: 70 says...

It is no secret that so far all the tyres had worse performance during the second half of their life. This phenomenon is best seen in Formula 1, where it means that drivers can lose precious seconds. While working on the model Potenza S-02 Pole Position, Bridgestone, in order to solve this problem created two new unique technologies. A two-level tread (Dual Layer Tread) and long-life component (Extended Performance Compound). Those innovations allow the tyre to provide even higher level of performance throughout its life - especially in the wet.

Good performance in the wet is provided by large angled grooves that efficiently remove water from the tyre, thus giving excellent protection against aquaplaning. Moreover, modern blend used in Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Position offers good grip in all conditions. Thanks to the strong blend the tyre wears slowly, thus providing long mileage and low fuel consumption.

With the simultaneous use of other proven technologies, Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Position has become the best choice for uncompromising car owners. Bridgestone is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality tyres. The company's products are designed for the most demanding drivers, as they ensure the highest level of security in different conditions. The quality of the Bridgestone tyres is shown by its commitment to motorsports. In the years 2007 - 2010 the company was the exclusive tyre supplier for Formula 1 competition. The company has won a total of seven championship teams with the West McLaren - Mercedes and Ferrari. Bridgestone works constantly with manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota and Yamaha.

Bridgestone Potenza S02
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