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Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres

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Bridgestone are Japanese, and belong to the global Bridgestone Tyre Corporation and together form the world’s largest tyre and rubber company. Bridgestone was founded in... says...

Excellent controlled driving is one of the many advantages of the Bridgestone RE050A. This model provides excellent responsiveness and control of the vehicle in every situation. This tyre features an asymmetric tread pattern that provides excellent traction on dry and wet roads. Thanks to the wide grooves, the drainage is enhanced and the tyre maintains good handling in difficult conditions and is not prone to aquaplaning. The wide tread grooves fulfil another function – to prevent the rapid heating of the tyre, so Bridgestone RE050A can deliver its full performance during very fast and dynamic driving.

This model was created for drivers who prefer a sportier ride, especially because the designers have taken care to maximize the performance of the tyre, regardless of the condition of the road surface or weather conditions. A modern mixture is used for the production of the Bridgestone RE050A, whose main advantage is very high tensile strength and low weight. The result is a tyre with a very high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion. This mix also helps to reduce rolling resistance which translates to less fuel consumption and thus also a reduction in carbon emissions.

The tyre is designed to dampen the sounds emitted by the tyre during operation, resulting in daily driving becoming even more pleasant and comfortable. Bridgestone RE050A is the perfect choice for drivers who like fast and sporty driving, and appreciate high performance alongside maximum safety and grip in all weather conditions.

This tyre is produced by Bridgestone, which are one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world.

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Potenza RE050A Reviews

I did 57,000 KM (35,500 miles) on a set of these tyres before they were due to be replaced. My car is a heavy car (nearly 2 tonnes) and was advised to expect 20,000 to 25,000 KM from them. At 30,000 KM they were still going strong. I had them rotated and balanced every 5,000 KM since day 1 which i think made a huge difference to their longevity. Tyre pressure was a constant 37psi for the whole of this time and the tyres were filled with nitrogen gas from day 1. These tyres did the job. Not the best I have ever had, but with a bit of care they were made to work. The car is capable to doing 0 to 100 KPH (60 MPH) in 5.2 seconds and i did not always take it easy with the driving. Tyre wear was even on all 4 wheels.
CompareTyres user 2023
i had it oem on my insegnia 2014 , made 85000km and can do more maybe 120000km as my tread still around 6mm depth was great for the first 20k then it became noisy and lost grip .. i wanted to change it but some way i didn`t .. after about 40k dry grip and handling improved and noise became some what less .. wet grip is not what i expected as it has gone early about 20k .. but for me it was not a problem i live in a hot country .. it was not great tyre but it was doing suffecient enough not to replace it , but now after 85k ... i just sais enough. for buying decision there is better choice for less money as mechline primacy4 or continental sportcontact 5.
CompareTyres user 2023
I have put these on now a second time as I liked them enough to do so. Very robust tyres, wear evenly and in the dry give confidence especially under heavy braking. Also, I've gone over some very bad roads and some of these roads had huge potholes and these never punctured. Good pattern for water displacement but I would say the grip levels in the wet aren't what you might get from a uniroyal. Noise levels reduced with the re050 compared to a budget tyre fitted by previous owner. My car is quite heavy, not that powerful and has sport suspension and I have to try quite hard to break traction in the dry.
CompareTyres user 2023