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This tyre provides high speed stability and sporty handling to vehicles. The tread patten helps to increase resistance to aquaplaning.

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Potenza Adrenalin RE002 Reviews

I own an mx5 1.8 nbfl (in the past i owned an awesome mx5 mk1 my1992 and a nice mx5 mk3 1.8 my2009). I bought my mk2.5 on 2014 and bought a set of Dunlop Sport Blueresponce 195/50/15 V (also had a new pair of oem kyb excel-g shocks fitted and alligned). The dunlops were very good on wet and quiet on motorways BUT the ride were really floppy and messed up when i was driving a bit faster. I THOUGHT THE PROBLEM WAS DOWN TO THE KYB SHOCKS... UNTIL a year later bought the BRIDGESTONE RE002 195/50/15. Immediately after i bought the RE002 I realised what a sporty tire can do in terms of road holding, firming up the suspension feeling, braking and cornering on b roads. If you have an mx5 do yourself a favour and buy the awesome RE002... you will enjoy them as much as i do. Ps. Sometimes tyres with increased road feel and cornering/braking abilities are not quiet on motorways but this is not the case with 195/50/15 RE002s. Overall a very nice tyre for sporty driving, very very good on dry road and surprisingly good on wet which is not very noisy at the same time. Cornering and braking is great and the ride is firm but smooth (depending on your suspension of course). If you own an mx5 BUY THEM. It suits our car very well. I hope that my review will make you enjoy your miata. Greetings to all mx5 owners.
CompareTyres User 2019
Dry: Because I only need 2 tyres, I drive it actual with Pirelli P Zero (2 years older) on the other axis. Good tyre, good grip and good to very good feedback. The feedback depends on the temperature, at lower temp the RE002 feels better than the P Zero, on higher temps the P Zero wins. But in dry the RE002 is a nice tyre. Wet: I never had aquaplaning with it, but maybe I drive to careful on the Autobahn when the water stays on the road becuae the P Zero and my last winter-tyres V905 are also not fan of to much water. If the roads are only wet, the RE002 is much more worse than my P Zero. If the P zero is on the rear axis, the car understeering obvious, and it is totally disharmonious. Good feedback and good grip if I stay below the limit, very suddenly the grip disappear if I go a bit harder. If the P zero are in front and the RE002 on rear I fight with brutal oversteer. Conclusion: The RE002 is OK if you want a good tyre for dry roads and if you like the nice look. But if you want to drive fast in the wet you should stay away from the RE002. It´s a weak performance to loose against a two year older tyres with less tread. I would only recommend it for a car which don´t see often wet roads.
CompareTyres User 2019
Superb grip in dry, average in the wet but still very progressive. The noise level is more than ok, even under high stress. I've tried it once on a trackday and was very impressed with the level of grip, though it tends to overheat quite fast.

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