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Bridgestone are Japanese, and belong to the global Bridgestone Tyre Corporation and together form the world’s largest tyre and rubber company. Bridgestone was founded in... [Read more] says...
The Bridgestone EP25 tyre is a summer tyre, specifically suited to passenger vehicles. In terms of driver comfort, you can guarentee that you will experience a smooth and relaxing drive if you were to purchase the Bridgestone EP25 tyre. This is due to fact that noise levels have been significantly reduced, as well as tyre vibrations. Braking and steering responsiveness has also been enhanced to ensure maximum driver control. Rolling resistance has been optimised to guarentee maximum cost savings.
This pattern may have options that are suited for Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Chrysler, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz or BMW vehicles. This pattern may have extra-load capabilities or be available as a Run Flat. Please check for the appropriate symbols in the tyre search results.

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I have found these tyres extremely dangerous in the wet. The slightest bit of wet on a smooth bit of tarcel - the car planed. Going over a slight bump whilst turning even in dry conditions - the rear tyres struggle to renew grip and give the sensation of the rear of the car almost giving a little side ways jump. I am going in to get rid of these dangerous tyres today. Nearly 2 accidents in one journey yesterday with planing (first day driving in the wet with them). Tyre pressures have been checked and were fine.
I have covered 3300 miles on these tyres so far. The dry grip is quite good and the wear, so far is also good, used about 1.5mm. The ride is comfortable, but a little noisy at speed. The wet grip however is appalling and can be quite dangerous. For this reason I will not be purchasing them again.
Standard tyre with the car (Peugeot 208 1.6 HDI) and can't complain. They were not too loud, good fuel economy and hard wearing. Roughly 20-25000 miles on a set though I was changing with winter tyres for half the year so hard to estimate. I've used these tyres in cold temperatures and they seem to grip like normal though in the wet (incl. summer) you do feel a slight difference in grip, not much though. Good tyre all round.

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