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Bridgestone are Japanese, and belong to the global Bridgestone Tyre Corporation and together form the world’s largest tyre and rubber company. Bridgestone was founded in... says...

Bridgestone R660 is a tyre for commercial vehicles, which is made with the highest quality workmanship and best materials. In the manufacturing process, Bridgestone engineers applied modern technologies that improve driving safety, increase tyre durability and generate savings.

Bridgestone R660 has a symmetrical tread pattern which is the best and most widely used solution for vans and commercial vehicles. This type of tyre very efficiently disperses water when driving on wet roads. The result is full control and efficient manoeuvres in difficult weather conditions.

The advantages of Bridgestone R660 include also high resistance to wear and tear, assisting you in always reaching your destination. Longer tyre change intervals will reduce the overall costs of using your vehicle too. Bridgestone R660 is a reliable tyre, which will meet your expectations in terms of safety and trouble-free operation.

Bridgestone is the largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber materials in the world and, since 1931, has been contributing to the development of the development of the automotive industry. Bridgestone tyres always provide high tech solutions and the highest performance, which has helped them to almost 200 victorious races across many racing categories. From year to year they gain more positive results in tests organised by automotive magazines and organisations. Bridgestone is in a class of its own.

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