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Is this possible to combine good performance with safe driving? Bridgestone B330 guarantees that absolutely. It is achieved by a “balanced” feature.

This summer tyre fits perfectly for the car owners who require good handling and proper grip to the road surface (enabling short braking distance and rapid acceleration). The proper grip is also vital for good cornering action and, above all, it is the main factor which maintains the proper level of driving comfortably and safely.

What is more, a balanced distribution of pressure allows the tyre not only to perform a solid grip but also minimalizes the extent of wearing off. Many drivers take the lengthened lifespan into account. Therefore, longer durability of Bridgestone B330 is not a meaningless feature.

What is more, the tread is patterned in a very innovative way. Vast numbers of grooves (circumferential and vertical) drive away the water quickly. Not only the aquaplaning is prevented, but also a good performance of acceleration and braking is provided.

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