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Bridgestone are Japanese, and belong to the global Bridgestone Tyre Corporation and together form the world’s largest tyre and rubber company. Bridgestone was founded in... says...

The Bridgestone Weather Control A001 is an all-year premium-range tyre designed for everyday driving. The model provides outstanding drivability on any type of surface and guaranteed stability on the road regardless of the weather. The Bridgestone Weather Control A001 features an asymmetric tread made up of two independent parts, each of which is responsible for different aspects of its performance. This means that the model can easily handle both wet and dry roads. The wide grooves efficiently evacuate water from under the wheel and ensure that the tread dries efficiently. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and ensures a continuously high level of driving safety at all times.

The model is manufactured using a state-of-the-art rubber compound which maintains elasticity over a wide range of temperatures. This means that the area of contact between the tyre and the road is increased during the winter months for improved grip, whereas in summer the compound provides the necessary rigidity and prevents rapid wear of the tread. The designers of the Bridgestone Weather Control A001 also put a lot of effort into achieving a uniform distribution of forces. As a result, the tyre wears slowly and evenly and drivers can benefit from its full range of performance values throughout its service life. The model is the ideal solution for drivers looking for an all-round tyre which offers not only reliability and balanced performance on all surfaces, but also long service lives and driving comfort.

Information about manufacturer: Bridgestone is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers. The company specialises in manufacturing premium-range tyres famous for their superb performance, outstanding quality of manufacturing and driving comfort. The Asian group owns brands such as: Firestone, Road King, Gillette, Dayton, Peerless and Seiberling. The tyres which leave the production lines of the Bridgestone factories are designed for passenger cars, lorries, light commercial vehicles, 4x4 vehicles and motorbikes.  

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A001 Weather Control Reviews

Had them since Oct.Been brilliant in heavy rain and some muddy surfaces. Good on frosty/icy days.Some noise but can live with that.Mpg down by 3-4%,but can accept as feel much safer.Have impressed two others who went off to get some!
CompareTyres User 2019
Scotland - Volvo V70 - an excellent tyre well suited to the northern climate. Wet grip is excellent in winter and summer, and deep water at speed doesn't upset them. You can fly into a cold wet roundabout and nothing scary will happen, they stick and keep on trying at the limit – i.e. progressive. Summer wet grip is also excellent with no apparent degradation in grip. Never got stuck in snow, not that they've had to deal with a lot of it. Also excellent in the dry, the only time I noticed any “squidging up” was on a hot summer's day down in Kent when the tarmac temp must have been in the high 30s. Steering response remains good with only a little tread-block “wibble-wobble” (the sort you can get with blocky tread patterns, as experienced in greater amounts on other all-season tyres). You might notice it a bit on a performance car. They are well worn down now but still excellent wet grip, no increase in noise or any rumbling. As for noise, a wee bit noisier and you get a bit of whirring in fast corners. I'd buy them again but will try the Michelin cross-climates, just to see if that makes any difference to the steering response. I suppose an acid test is this – in light snow/ice I take this car rather than my Toyota RAV4 (4x4) as the Volvo on the Bridgestones steers/stops noticeably better than the RAV4 on it's Kuhmo summers – I'd say for snow traction the RAV4 on its summers/4wd is equal to the Bridgestones on 2wd. (Note though the RAV4's tyres are too wide for snow, but it does have a ride height benefit which makes a difference on deeper stuff). I wish the Bridgestones came in the RAV4's wheel size - I'd put them straight on...
CompareTyres User 2019
These are decent tyres. One word review? Neutral. Three word review? Neutral, safe, predictable. If you wish to know more, read on... I havent found the reported handling attributes or supposed masses of wet grip but what I did find was a balanced, neutral tyre, safe in all areas that wears fairly well and is better than reported in snow and ice. Snow performance on the front driving wheels was never tested, but on the back they proved to be a godsend and a nuisance, depending on how you looked at things... What I mean by this is that they were bloody good, never stepping out, locking up, being nervous, and should you wish to touch the handbrake it was like throwing anchor! This is where the nuisance part comes in. When it snows, I like to find somewhere out of the way to play and/or practice car control... these ruined that as any attempt to invoke a slide resulted in the car slowing down rapidly with the slightest of rear movement which would instantly pull back in line with the rest of the vehicle. Once, just once, I managed almost a 180, and I had to do 20+mph before throwing the car round and pulling the handbrake. It still pretty much stopped the car dead and overwhelmed the front Dunlop winter tyres, making almost as much movement at the front of the vehicle than the rear... Wet and dry behaviour has been tested on both ends of the car, and is good. Nothing more to say really than that, just good! I'd like to say they were excellent, dynamic, really good in 'x' area but I can't. The handling is neutral, not sharp with crisp turn-in, but not sloppy and mushy either. They are safe and secure in wet weather, stable in the dry. They do however shift a lot of water, and are very predictable. Wear has been good, I bought them 3 years ago and are currently residing at the back of the car showing probably just shy of 3mm tread after being on the car almost constantly since purchase, 4 months off and 5 months on the front during this period. In a nutshell, if you want a neutral, safe, predictable tyre that will be there for you all year you can do a lot worse, but in the summer upfront you'll feel the all season thing as you round the bends or come to a stop. I'd have some more for sure if they came at a silly price or free, but I'd buy something else otherwise because I like sharp handling and better tread behaviour in the dry.

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