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Type: Summer tyre

Class: Medium—best value for money

Intended use: Tyre recommended for off-road vehicles and 4WD cars

Tread: Blocks, reinforced by extremely durable pads that make it perfect for any type of terrain.

Sizes: From 16 to 21 inches

This new product for the summer of 2018 is provided by BFGoodrich as one of the most anticipated products of the year. Tyres from BFGoodrich are produced based on Michelin technologies, and the brand offer medium class tyres, guaranteeing the best value for money. Drivers of 4WD cars that have slightly larger dimensions should be interested in this model.

The tyre was designed for difficult conditions, where the asphalt ends and the real adventure begins.

Off-road tyres, such as BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 are designed mainly for off-road and sometimes highway driving. Tyres of this type have a reinforced structure and a different type of tread pattern, which is responsible for safety when driving off-road. MT tyres are the best choice for drivers looking for a product that performs well in off-road conditions and which will not be stopped by stony slopes.

Very deep tread grooves combined with massive blocks make the use of the tyre safe. The tyre's spacious grooves facilitate its self-cleaning, which is very useful when driving on sand.

This typical off-road tyre is also reinforced, preventing cuts and damage when driving in difficult terrain.

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