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The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

With the new Barum Polaris 3 driving in winter becomes a real pleasure. Security - good grip in snow. With increased traction on snow and ice, and reduced risk of aquaplaning in slush and on wet roads the Barum Polaris 3 ensures that you will always have perfect control over the vehicle, even in difficult weather conditions. High mileage performance and economy.

Barum Polaris 3
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Review update. I've don't 7500 miles on these tyres now and have just rotated them. After 7500 miles the front tyres tread depth is 6.5mm and the rear tyres tread depth is 7mm. Original depth was 8mm. So they are wearing well and evenly. Better than other winter tyres I've used in the past. Wet traction over the last month has been very impressive both handling and braking are sharp and precise. The last few weeks has allowed me to test them on ice. Again very good, offering good steering feedback when accelerating and cornering. Ice braking is quite impressive for a non studded tyre (around 25mph). Not yet tried it on snow. Only down side would be fuel consumption. But it could be due to fitting heavier steel wheels. Fuel consumption has dropped 3.5mpg over summer tyres. Still joint top safest tyre for winter I've used. 9/10
CompareTyres User 2019
I use these tires on a tuned 400hp BMW 3-series with rear-wheel drive traction. Let me tell you, I am simply amazed by these tires for the price. Snow grip is incredible, effortless in any type of snow, but what's shocking is that the dry and wet grip are almost on the same level too ! The only real con for this tire is the braking distance on both dry and wet, it is below the stellar traction characteristics. Fuel consumption is also not stellar, but it's in line with other tires that I have used. Just make sure you inflate your tires as recommended in order to maintain optimum mileage. All in all, I would recommend this tire if you need a good winter tire that has great traction in any conditions.
CompareTyres User 2019
An update on my previous review. I've done just under 20,000 miles on these Polaris 3 tyres now and they've been nothing short of incredible. Rear tyres are down to 4mm, the sipes in the tyre are just about visible. Front tyres are down to 3mm and there are no more sipes visible. The tyres are perfectly drive able, still perform well in the wet and dry. I have just ordered a replacement set because the sipes in the tread are pretty much worn and from previous experience this can severely impact the traction and braking on snow and ice. Although the tread depth and the tyres could safely go on for a few more thousand miles. To sum these tyres up there a perfect mix from the motorway to the snowy hills. Last winter I drove from the south of Devon through sheet rain for 7 hours then further on to Inverness through a pretty nasty snow storm. The last 50 minuites of the trip in particular were through 4" of fresh snow up and down hills. Did not at any point feel out of place in those conditions. Really designed well and when your commuting at 50mph+ there quiet and comfortable. Only bad points is the fuel consumption. It's not really bad, but going from Goodyear efficient grip performance tyres with a fuel B rating to these barum Polaris 3 tyres that are a fuel E rated tyre it's about 3-5 MPG less depending on speeds. But seriously for cold wet weather safety there great! Shibby

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