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Avon Tyres have been manufacturing tyres for over 100 years at its factory in Melksham, Wiltshire. All Avon products are designed, developed and tested here... says...

The ZV5 is the premium performance tyre from Avon delivering outstanding gip in wet and dry conditions

The Avon AV5 has an extensive range of sizes, from 15" to 18" and as available in V/W and Y speed ratings. The ZV5 is also available in run-flat sizes

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ZV5 Reviews

I replaced a pair of budgets on the rear of the Signum about 2000 mls ago. I tend not to be a spirited/sporty/progressive sort of driver tending to keep my distance and driving a bit defensivly so can't comment on aquaplaning/wheel spinning/soft side walls on round-a-bouts etc but I can say that they are very quiet and still look brand new and haven't given me a single exciting moment. Very boring but I think I'll buy two more when the fronts are ready. Paid £66.00 for them which I think is a bargain.
CompareTyres user 2023
Tyres are good to drive, however after 1 year two of them started deflating still not sorted. Three times resealed and changed valves. Unfortunately I found out tyres has cracks on wall and on thread part so bad, that is not even anymore. All 4 has bump on same place (inner side) all around. I think may cause steering wheel shaking what I'm struggling to sort for "while", wheel balancing is not helping. Thread has still 2mm to go but I don't trust them.
CompareTyres user 2023
Fitted these as a full set approx 3 years ago, found them very good in wet or dry, but can be made to slip very easily in the wet if getting away from a junction in a fairly spirited style, never driven them on the limit in the wet, but they've always felt very secure unlike the ZV3' previously fitted which were on the skittish side, Wear has been very good with at least another 10K miles life remaining in them, BUT, and in this case a VERY BIG But, ALL FOUR TYRES have developed Very Serious and dangerous defects with mass area cracking on the Tyre walls, plus cracked close to the wheel rims as well as in all of the roots between the tread blocks, Two of the tyres started deflating regularly, which the Tyre fitter said was due to porous alloys and not the tyres, however having to use an emergency leak sealer to get me home one day revealed a considerable number of spots of the sealer leaking out of the Tyre wall, The defects in all of the tyres is now extremely bad, possibly dangerous and requiring renewal of all 4x tyres well before they were due, I won't be fitting ZV5's again and because of the cracking can't recommend them to anyone, Depending upon the response from Avon and the company that fitted, them, the new tyres may not be Avon replacements.
CompareTyres user 2023