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The Avon Wv7 is a performance winter tyre.

The tyre has been designed with an increased sipe density to deliver great traction in winter conditions - such as snow, ice and slush.

Avon have designed the WV7 with forward facing shoulder grooves and a V-Slot pattern - to enhance the braking capability of the tyre.

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WV7 Reviews

I was very surprised at how good these tyres were in the cold wet and snow (snow once for about 20 miles), especially considering that they're classed as mid priced. I drove from Kent to Glasgow and back once per month throughout the winter and found these tyres to be confidence inspiring in all weathers. I took them off when the weather turned fine again, just to save them for further winters although, I found them to provide excellent feedback and grip in the spring/warmish months too. I was also surprised at how little they had worn over 5000 miles. They will be good for at least two more winters, maybe more.
CompareTyres User 2019
Been driving all over this week in deep snow and ice up steep hills and never let me down
CompareTyres User 2019
Limited review on the grounds that I have only completed 1500 miles to the Alps and back. Car was fully laden (5 people, roofbox and snowboard equipment/luggage. Road noise was not an issue, VW Sharan handled without issue throughout the trip and had no need for snow chains in resort while others all used chains!! We had plenty of snow in resort and the trip down from resort was cold and icy which these tyres dealt with just fine. Hard to comment on fuel consumption as we had the roofbox.

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