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Apollo is the 14th largest tyre manufacturer, with tyres being produced in India and Europe - producing commercial, car, motorbike and industrial tyres....

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Acelere Reviews

I got these because they were the only tyres the shop had in my size. Upsides : Cheap, durable, reasonably quiet. Downsides : Horrendous grip in the wet, mediocre grip in the dry. Never again.
CompareTyres user 2023
I would say that the acelera tyre's used on the rear of a 4ltr toyota soarer were possibly the worst I have ever had fitted ok in the dry but lethal in the wet. I have just changed them for a budget tyre I trust both in the dry and the wet and that is a Maxxis. Never fit to any performance car.
CompareTyres user 2023
I have a modified Toyota A10 which produces 350hp. I have used 8sets of Apolo Acelere 205/60/13 tires. I have burnt many tires and I have done the same to these apolo ones too. But as I experienced they are nothing less than Hankook tires. I have another supercharged Toyota A10 for which I have used Apolos too and I have not even run flat since 3 years ago. Nothing happened to my tires until I completely finished four of them. I also do a lot of road trips, but have not faced any problem with these tires. However, I use N2 to fill the tires. I also have a ford festiva which has apolos too. 185/60/13. nothing has happened yet. Many people complain about these tires but I really have not seen any thing bad in them. The treadwear is also not mentioned on the tire or its label, which I think is a cheat on the customer, but I guess its around 320.
CompareTyres user 2023

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