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Do not buy these tires unless u habe a deathwish. In dry performance is good but in weth terrific! I
CompareTyres User 2019
When I bought my f30 330d these things were brand new on the rears. All I can say is that they are frightening in the wet and have no place on any performance car. Sideways on roundabouts at low speed was a common thing. Glad to get them changed.
CompareTyres User 2019
I am driving BMW 3 series with over 200 horsepower. I decided to give a try on Achilles ATR Sport 2 because I am trying on default alignment settings (the previous settings destroyed my premium tyre in 8000 KM) and hence i went for the budget Achilles. Let's be honest. I fitted these on my rear. The dry grip is normal, and on one occasion, I tried speeding over 150km/h in a curve corner and the tyre bounce up and skid. I nearly loss control because of this. This would never happened had i fitted with my previous Continental Sport Contact 5p. On another occasion, i was driving about 50km/h in a corner with 50km/h speed limit. It was a lil bit wet. I decided to rev up and the rear skid like fitted with a rolling shoe. Moreover, I am using 265/30/19. All tyre shops told me that this tyre is having a soft side wall which will not withstand pothole which in result ruin my rim quicker. I have no idea why some people says that Achilles ATR Sport 2 grip like Michelin and Continental. IT IS NOT. Not even close. maybe they are driving some 1998 hyundai accent or corolla. You get what you pay for. I've been telling everyone that I know of, do not consider this brand at all if you love your life. However, if you are driving a dull Toyota Corolla with 100hp, you can always go for this. I am going for either Continental ExtremeContact Sport or PS4S next. Do not believe anyone that says this tyre grip like glue. It isn't. Otherwise you would regret later.

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