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Achilles ATR Sport is an economy class summer tyre specifically designed for everyday driving. This model performs perfectly both in the city and on longer and more demanding routes. The tyre is based on a modern rubber compound which contains silica. This provides Achilles ATR Sport with sufficient flexibility over a wide temperature range. This translates into a larger contact surface of the tread, ensuring better traction and optimal driving stability.

The tyre has a directional tread pattern with V-shaped grooves. This guarantees the Achilles ATR Sport’s good performance on wet roads. Its optimised shape quickly evacuates water from the front of the tyre, guaranteeing the immediate drainage of the tread in order to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Also, the model equally distributes forces acting upon the tyre, helping to achieve the uniform and slow wearing of the tread. This allows you to enjoy the maximum performance of Achilles ATR Sport throughout its operational life without worrying about driving safety or comfort. In addition to its excellent flexibility, the tyre compound has a reduced weight which decreases its rolling resistance. This solution results in lower fuel consumption, making the Achilles ATR Sport an economical tyre in terms of price and inexpensive operation. This model will meet the expectations of all drivers who appreciate reliable and durable summer tyres with good performance on all types of roads.

Achilles is a brand of economic class tyres produced by the Indonesian company PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk. Tyres of this brand have sustainable performance regardless of the weather and reasonable prices. Achilles company has been supplying tyres to dozens of countries around the world since 1988.

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ATR Sport Reviews

Wet weather? No. I have a 2008 Sti making about 250whp. In the rain it drives like it's rwd. It loses traction like no tomorrow. Now dry weather handling is quite surprising considering they at as cheap as they are. Probably would by again if I was in a money crunch and couldn't afford good high performance tires.
CompareTyres User 2019
Awful grip be it in dry or wet. While cruising on expressway, it was dry, going above 100kmh will got me swinging from left to right even when my steering remain straight. Dry grip is so terrible. I'm wet, non existent. The only good thing is that it will never wear out. Do not buy this. I repeat. Do not buy this. I've just replaced with Michelin PS4 and never look back.
CompareTyres User 2019
simple- bad tyre, rubber is very hard, even on smooth road car i very noisy, you feel like you are inside the drum, tyres was balanced but car was very bumpy. This tyres probably last long( I don’t know if in this case is advantage), I got puncture in 2 wheels,local shop only had Achilles tyres, after 2 weeks torture I’ve bin them and got Michelin , if you’re nearly deaf and road around you is bumpy probably you will like this tyres,especially the price is low .

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