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The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Achilles Winter 101

These winter tyres Achilles Winter 101 are little known in our country, are defined by the manufacturer as the product that all drivers are seeking. High performance is warranted on snow-covered surfaces and gives the car great safety and performance.

Excellent braking, very low even in extreme winter conditions. Designed with a unique blend so as to increase the longevity, and then further safety. This model Achilles Winter 101 is well known by interlocking slats for good traction. A central rib in the tread pattern of this tyre allows sportive performance and a better and more precise guide in any condition. Four straight grooves with different slats which allow the tire to remove easly the water and dirt from the surface under the tire.

The effect of aquaplaning is reduced and increases safety. The special compound ensures excellent performance even at very low temperatures. These tyres of Indonesian production, Achilles Winter 101 turn out to be very soft, and have the excellent stability even in conditions of very low temperatures on dry surfaces. In case of snow, the situation does not change, excellent braking distances, in sudden changes of direction, perfect traction. The company said as Indonesian, with the passage of time has expanded, it has sought technical assistance of Pirelli (1991-1994) and then Continental (1994-2000).

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101 Reviews

These tyres I purchased on a whim as the hype about Winter tyres was about. So I thought I’d buy a cheap set, try them out and if I didn’t like them, then I could chuck them away and move on. I Fitted these tyres on to My BMW E36 M3 initially, ran them for a few thousand miles, then took them off and put them on to my E36 323 Touring for a few thousand miles, but on the same rims, then changed them finally to a 1M Seat Leon FR TDi 150ps on to different rims where they stayed until exchange for a new set. These tyres surprised me. An M3, 300hp and no issues in British snow, ice or rain. I managed to get everywhere, up hills in Wales as well as 65mph on motorways on lanes that were slushy. No twitching or nothing. When I moved these tyres on to my Seat, they spent 99% of their time on motorways. They clocked 45000 miles on this car(+ whatever few thousand I did in the BMW’s,) so the wear is excellent. The economy was not hindered over normal summer tyres, the performance of the side loads on the tyre were fine, but if I was to criticise them for anything, it would be the slight slip that you get from any winter tyre in conditions above 15 degrees Celsius. From that last comment, you can see that I left them on all year round, and apart from a marginal increase in wear during the months of July and Aug on the hotter days of which there are few, they were fine. No issues with overheating or slip. These tyres assisted me on a road trip around the Yorkshire dales and Lake District in Summer last year, some spirited driving was undertaken on roads such as the Snake Pass and Buttertubs Pass, apart from knowing I would get a little more understeer than on a summer tyre, they performed great. The tyres have been removed yesterday, (only because one was worn in the middle, I managed to remove a chunk out one on a kerb and I ran one flat for an unknown number of miles (which was very evident when removed),) and replaced with the same tyre again, I liked them that much. They have gone back on the Seat, as well as another set for the 323 BMW. When removed, there was evidence of minor cracking above the letters for ‘Achilles’ and ‘Winter’ on the inside of the tyre, so if you buy a set, keep an eye out for this. Bear in mind they were fitted in 2012 and removed in 2017 so the time of cyclic thermal loading may be the cause for this. I changed the tyres at approx. 2-3mm, but that was out of choice as rear left was worn out due to a suspension issue creating an alignment issue. These tyres perform as well as some of the bigger brands, at a fraction of the cost. Granted that the bigger brands may perform at the extremes of weather, but in Britain, this is rare, so some carful driving on those days should suffice. I managed to get a deal on eBay, I paid for a set of 4 new from stock the same as you would pay for a Michelin Alpin with fitting and balance, so if it bothers anyone that much, change at 5mm as these tyres come with 9.7mm from new not the 7mm that you get from Michelin and some others. I know this may be sad, but I have recorded a graph of ‘mileage against wear’ whilst on the Seat so this can be sent to anyone whom desires to review. Enjoy!
CompareTyres user 2023
Early days but after the Pirelli's that came with my car these tyres have transformed the car! Feels very sure footed along sweeping country back roads. Nice & quiet and economy seems no worse than before. At this early stage i am really pleased more so that they cost half the price of some mid range tyres!
CompareTyres user 2023
great tyre!
CompareTyres user 2023

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