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Tyre details:

Accelera PHI 2 is an economy-class summer tyre designed for passenger cars. The model ensures a confident and stable drive both in the city and on longer, more demanding routes. Accelera PHI 2 is equipped with an asymmetric tread pattern consisting of two independent sections, each being responsible for a different type of performance. The optimised grooves efficiently drain water and take care of fast drying of the whole structure. With this, the drive remains safe regardless of weather conditions, and the risk of aquaplaning is considerably reduced.

The optimum distribution of pressures acting against the tyre surface ensured an even and slow wear of the tread. As a result, you can enjoy the full spectrum of the tyre's performance throughout its life. And you don’t have to worry about a decrease in safety or grip with its increasing mileage. The tyre was developed using a rubber mixture enriched with silica compounds. This ensured a proper flexibility of the tyre, both at low and high temperatures. It helped to increase the tyre-road contact area, which consequently translates into a better grip. As a result, driving with Accelera PHI 2 is safe regardless of the weather. Accelera PHI 2 is a perfect solution for all drivers who value a balanced performance on any type of surface and want to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive during the whole summer season.

Accelera is an Indonesian tyre manufacturer that supplies economy-class tyres. They are distinguished by an attractive price and optimum parameters in any weather conditions. Accelera manufactures tyres designed for passenger cars, buses, light lorries, off-road vehicles and SUVs. The brand is owned by EP Tyres, the second largest tyre manufacturer in Indonesia. With the use of modern methods of production and innovative materials, Accelera tyres have gained the recognition of drivers all over the world.

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