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About Halfords Auto Centres

Halfords Autos is a leading car repair service provider in the United Kingdom. The wide range of services include car servicing, MOT, brake check, fully fitted tyres, tyre checks, wheel alignment, clutch repair, exhaust fitting, steering repair, suspension repair, steering repair, and many more. The company also offers services in relation to safety check, windscreen, battery check, front glass, and fuel service. The technicians and auto-mechanics engaged by Halfords Autos are experts in all kinds of automobile repairs. The company also offers inspection services for brakes, steering, wheel cylinders and shock absorbers.

Halfords Autos was previously known as Nationwide Autos Ltd. In 2011, the company changed its name to Halfords Autos Ltd. All the kinds of automobiles are repaired efficiently at the centres. The highly-advanced and modern car garages are fully equipped with all kinds of car servicing and replacement of parts. With more than 300 centres, the company serves more than 750,000 customers every year. All of the centres lead the way both in terms of excellent technical skills and outstanding customer service. The company recruits a range of professionals including fully trained technicians and qualified auto-engineers.

Car Repairs

In case, your vehicle is not working in a proper manner, the highly-experienced mechanics at Halfords Autos can perform almost any mechanical or electrical repair in an efficient manner. You can book a free check on all makes and models of automobiles. Nearly all repair work is carried out on the same day.

Car Batteries

At all the Halfords Autos, you can find the right battery for your automobile. Battery failures can occur almost without any forewarning. If you want calmness that your battery is in excellent working condition, you can book in for a free battery inspection.


In the event, if your vehicle brakes are not in proper condition, the company offers a no-obligation free brake inspection at all of its centres. The professional ATA-trained technicians will inspect your brake pads and discs, and suggest any of the parts which are risky.


With more than 300 MOT test centres all through the UK, you can look forward to a responsive, professional service at your neighboring Halfords Auto. The professional MOT testers will make sure your automobile is fully inspected and meets the prescribed safety prerequisites.

As the pioneer service provider in car repair, car servicing, repair, tyre replacement and MOT, garage network, Halfords Autos offers a lot of opportunities for hands-on individuals who want a fast-paced and wide-ranging working day. All of the automobile garages are committed and focused on making sure their customers get the most excellent service.

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