Tips for a cheap driving holiday

While we might only just have turned over into the new year, before we know it spring will be upon us – and that means holiday season. Driving holidays can give us the freedom to roam and explore new territory, with little of the constraints which are often associated with resort based breaks.

Driving holidays also offer the opportunity to go away for longer, but how can you keep the costs down while holidaying on the road? In this article, we offer some tips on the subject:

Take it easy

Not only is speeding unsafe, but research has shown that when you drive more quickly, your fuel efficiency decreases. That means that rushing around on your driving holiday could actually cost you more money in petrol, so don’t feel the need to push your vehicle to the limits – stay safe, and save yourself a pretty penny in the process.

Collect your travel points

You should be looking for the cheapest petrol available when you are on your driving holiday, and there are apps which can help you identify the best value petrol stations. But another way to get the most from your fuel stops is by signing up for credit cards or loyalty cards which can reward each refuelling with points which can earn you rewards or even provide cash back.

Make your own meals

You can cut down on meal costs by buying your lunch from supermarkets each morning, and making yourself fresh sandwiches for lunchtime. Why fork out for a cafe or restaurant each day when you can reduce your spend and enjoy fresh bread and fillings from the UK’s supermarkets?

Keep an eye out for deals

Heading to a new town or city on your driving holiday? Keep your eye out for vouchers from the many websites which are available. If you see a restaurant or hotel offering a special deal, why not go for it? This can help you and your group keep costs to a minimum when you are on the road.

Those are just a few cheap motoring tips to help your driving holidays go further on a budget. Why not utilise your vehicle to its full potential by taking it on a driving adventure?

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