Key tips for driving safely this spring

We’re very nearly the end of winter and spring is about break. While the lighter nights, warmer weather, and cleaner air are going to be a welcome arrival for many, spring carries with it its own dangers on the road. So, here are a few things to be mindful of when it comes to spring road safety.

The spring showers

Rain can fall unusually hard in spring, which can present problems for drivers. If you’re caught in heavy rain, remember to keep your vehicle in a higher gear than normal, and give yourself plenty of time to brake. Plan any manoeuvres you might need to make well in advance.

If you find yourself aquaplaning on a wet road, just keep calm – don’t brake and don’t power out of it, focus on letting the car slow down naturally until the tyres make contact with the road again. If you encounter standing water, make sure to test your brakes after passing through.

Unexpected strong winds

Gales can cause your vehicle to become very unstable on the road, particularly if you drive a taller vehicle such as an SUV, van, or truck. Trust your instincts – if you don’t feel comfortable on the road, find yourself a place to stop and let the weather pass. It’s better to arrive late than not at all.

Strong winds also carry an increase in debris on the road. You’ll see an increase in branches and assorted greenery strewn over the road, so reduce your speed appropriately. If you’re driving through more heavily populated areas, be careful of errant bins and other household items blowing into your path.

Mind the animals

Spring is of course time when many animals give birth – the issue is, however, that this can present a potential challenge to drivers in rural areas. Young animals searching for food may stray into the path of the road and into traffic, so be careful.

If you see something in the road, resist your instinct to swing the wheel wildly as you may end up crashing into oncoming traffic. Again, try and give yourself as much possible time to react as you can. Slowing down just a few miles an hour can make all the difference.

Photo: dRIVE by ERiC.CHU licensed under Creative commons 5

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