How often should you check your tyre pressure?

Driving with either over or under-inflated tyres is one of the most dangerous things any motorist can do. It’s so easy to forget, but your tyres are the only contact your vehicle has with the road. Neglect them, and you’re forfeiting any chance of driving safely. It’s essential you check your tyre pressures at least once a month.

What happens with poorly inflated tyres?

Under-inflating and over-inflating tyres both carry associated risks. They will compromise the handling of the vehicle, its braking capabilities, and its ability to properly grip the road surface. Under-inflation also increases the risk of aqua-planing when driving in rainy conditions.

Over-inflated tyres are equally prone to providing limited grip, and of course have a considerable risk of blowing out. This is at best a severe inconvenience, at worst it could easily cause a fatal accident. At least once a month you should be checking and topping up your tyre pressures as needed.

How do you keep your tyres properly inflated?

The first step is knowing the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle. All vehicles have different tyre pressures depending on their type, so refer to your vehicle’s handbook. Many vehicles also print tyre pressure information in a sticker that can be found in the door sill.

Once you know the pressures, remove the dust cap on each tyre and inflate as needed. Many garages provide an air pump which can be usually used for a small fee. The machine will tell you your current tyre pressures, before inflating them to the desired pressure.

You can also invest in a tyre pressure gauge and an air pump for your own use. This might be worth considering because it means you can keep them in the boot of your car at all times. The majority of pumps designed for use in cars will come with an adapter for the car’s power point.

This means if you’re ever in the position of needing to inflate your tyres while out and about, you can do so without needing to drive to a garage.

Check your tyre pressures and tread at least once a month – it only takes a few minutes, but could save your life.

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