Are car tyres any cheaper now in lockdown?

The UK government are still allowing car garages, and therefore tyre fitters, to remain open. In light of this, can confirm that all fitters that we compare prices at , will still be accepting orders and processing them fully. So if you are looking at ordering tyres for your van or car then don’t worry – we are still here, 24/7 comparing prices.

That said, a few people may have some reservations about buying your car tyres right now. Social distancing is not the easiest thing to adhere to when you’re at the local garage waiting for a fitting. The government obviously realises that car/vehicle tyres are of the upmost importance and this is why they decided to keep tyre fitting stations and mechanics/garage fully open, throughout the lockdown.

As long as they practive social distancing and stagger visits, there should be little cause for concern.

We will continue to monitor the situation with Covid-19 and tyre fitting, and update this page if anything significant happens.


Are car tyres any cheaper now?

It’s a common question – house prices and even used car prices are famously dropping by as much as -20%.

But alas, unfortunately not. Here are CompareTyres we try to be transparent – so we show you the price history of each tyre on every page, and sadly most of the prices have actually risen.

This is likely due to the increased costs involved with fitting vehicle tyres in this day and age. Remember that the vast majority of tyres are now manufactured in India and China – both adversely affected by Coronavirus as much as anywhere else.  Import and exports are likely to be adversely affected as international trade has been hit, although this is slowly recovering. But there are likely to continue to be delays in sourcing tyres – some dealers are reporting a few weeks’ lead time.

Wherever you buy your next set of car tyres (or bike/van tyres)


Are re-treads cheaper?

We’ve covered retreaded tyres here before, they are essentially second-hand tyres that have been repaired and given some TLC.

According to your own internal research, the average car tyre price has now risen by 15% since March 23rd – when the lockdown started. The average retreaded tyre has risen by even more though – around 23%. So it makes less financial sense now, although we do compare retread tyre prices if that’s what you’re looking to buy.

Struggling with the bills? Here at CompareTyres we have a selection of cheap Continental tyres, as well as Dunlop branded tyres here. We compare tyre prices from over 500 brands – including non branded/budgets.

If you are in lockdown you’re probably usign your car less, but now that it has started to get lifted (in England anyway…) this is likely to change. More buyers and interest = higher prices, although we may be proven wrong. With recent events, anything can surely happen.

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