3 top tyre tips when storing your classic car

Many classic car owners store their vehicles. Whether it’s just for a few months over the winter, or for longer if the car is an investment, it’s something many owners do. What many classic car owners don’t understand, however, is the impact of poor storage on the car’s tyres.

If you’re storing a classic car for any period of time, make sure you observe these three classic car tyre tips.

Give them a good wash

Starting with the baseline of a good quality tyre, the first step is washing. Cleaning both the tyre and the wheel is necessary to remove impurities and grime which may speed up the degradation of the rubber over time. Once washed thoroughly, leave the tyres and wheels to dry naturally. Don’t be tempted to use fancy products to ‘dress’ the tyre, just give it a good wash and leave it at that.

Choose the right environment

Where your car is stored, and how, impacts the tyres. The optimum conditions would be in a cool, dark garage where the car is protected from the elements. If that’s not possible, a full size fitted car cover should be next on your list. Dramatic shifts in temperature can have a lasting impact on the tyres. For example, if you leave the car sitting in direct sunlight, the rubber will degrade much faster.

Get them off the ground

If you’re storing your car for more than a few months, you should get it off the ground. If you leave the car sitting, the weight of the chassis and body will cause flat spots to develop across the bottom of the tyre. You don’t need a full car lift for this, there are many tyre savers available. They’re easy to use and much more affordable compared to a full-size lift. If this isn’t an option, rotate the tyres regularly yourself.

Keeping the wheels turning

Employing just these three tips will make sure that when you pull your car out of storage, it’ll be ready to hit the road – just remember to check your pressures and inflate as needed before you go!

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