Honda Tyres, Buy now & fit locally

Select your Honda car, van or 4x4 from the below list to view all tyre sizes for that specific Honda model or range. If your vehicle is not listed, please search using your vehicle's UK registration plate/mark (VRM).

Why do I need specific Honda tyres?

Honda, like most manufacturers nowadays, may have specific tyre or fitment requirements. We can instantly check these requirements for you, by entering your vehicle's registration plate into the above form.

Are mid-range, or cheaper tyres available?

There are currently some fantastic deals on Honda tyres from Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, and other premium manufacturers. If your budget is more limited, then we also check prices on Budget range tyres and mid-range too.

Do I need a specific fitment for Honda tyres?

Generally, higher-end car manufacturers require specialised fitments but this is not always 100% the case. The best option is to check your existing tyres carefully.