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Michelin Latitude Tour 255/55 R18 109H

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About the Michelin Latitude Tour

Information on the tyre:

Michelin LATITUDE TOUR is a summer tyre designed for vehicles with 4-wheel drive. It exhibits a symmetric tread design with stable shoulder blocks. These maximise contact on dry and wet surfaces. The model is ideal for drivers who equally appreciate a comprehensive performance and excellent grip, which ensures safety and comfort whilst driving


For the construction of the tyres, a rubber compound with silica and active polymers was used. It has given greater flexibility, allowing the model a better grip and driving stability . The tyre uses a number of new technologies, one of them being the Green X - manufacturer’s environment friendly standard, which defines values for the level of fuel consumption, exploitation of longevity and harmlessness of the components used to build the model. For an effective drainage, four circumferential grooves, as well as numerous sipes throughout the tread, are responsible for this. As a result, the car maintains optimum traction regardless of weather conditions and is not exposed to aquaplaning. The designers also made sure to shorten the braking distance – a faster communication between the steering wheel and tyre provide numerous edges of the tread. A wide and flat profile guarantees better grip to the track and uncompromised manoeuvrability in all weather conditions. Thanks to the optimal distribution of pressure, the tyre tread wears evenly and slowly, ensuring maximum performance and exceptionally long longevity.  Michelin LATITUDE TOUR also means an exceptionally comfortable ride. With the use of the modernised compound, the sounds emitted by the tyre during rolling are immediately dampened, and the ride becomes a quiet and comfortable experiences a result. 


Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The company specialises in the production of premium tyres, which are characterised by exceptional durability , the highest quality and maximum performance. 

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