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Hankook Kinergy ECO2 K435 205/65 R15 99T

Width: 205

Profile: 65

Rim Size: R15

Speed Rating: T

Load Index: 99

Fuel Efficiency: B

Wet Grip: B

Noise Level: 72

Hankook Kinergy ECO2 K435

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About the Hankook Kinergy ECO2 K435

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Medium—highest performance at a reliable price

Intended use: Small and medium-sized passenger cars.

Tread: Asymmetrical—the tread is divided into 2 zones to ensure driving safety in any conditions

Sizes: From 13 to 16 inches

Hankook Kinergy Eco 2 K435 is the best choice for drivers of compact and mid-size cars, who care about the environment. This is the successor of the model that was very well received by automotive enthusiasts and obtained very good results in tests organised by independent motoring organisations. Maintaining the excellent performance of its predecessor, Hankook engineers and designers created Hankook Kinergy Eco 2 K435.

Why is Hankook Kinergy Eco 2 K435 a good choice?

  • Wide tread blocks—modern tread shape and adequate width of tyre components provide protection against aquaplaning.

  • Asymmetrical tread—divided into two parts ensures good grip on all surfaces and in all weather conditions.

  • Improved rubber blend—provides shorter braking distance when driving in the wet, while maintaining excellent durability.

  • Wide grooves—elongated grooves with extra space, which has no negative impact on the grip, but which evacuates water more efficiently.

  • Innovative incisions on tread pads—remove water in two directions simultaneously.

  • Tread structure—the system of incisions and pads is designed to reduce noise generated by the tyre.

  • Ecological and economical—low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption, contributing to the user's savings and lower exhaust emissions.

If you want a tyre excellent for city driving and longer trips, then Hankook Kinergy Eco 2 K435 is the product for you.

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